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You will acquisition a lot of PSD to WordPress tutorials online. And anniversary one bets that it will get you covered. But can you absolutely catechumen a PSD to WordPress affair by afterward a tutorial or a absolute guide?

The acknowledgment is a ‘NO’.

All these tutorials accord you a accepted abstraction about what is takes to catechumen a PSD architecture to WordPress. But none of them dive you into the applied data and architecture accomplishing that is appropriate to catechumen a architecture into a WordPress theme. With these tutorials, you just get to blemish the surface.

PSD to WordPress is a able account and you charge a acclimatized WordPress developer to catechumen your architecture into a absolutely anatomic website. It needs a lot of abstruse know-how. You charge to be able-bodied abreast with Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and endure but not the atomic WordPress.

The aboriginal footfall in about-face of a PSD architecture to WordPress is slicing the PSD. For that, you charge to accept a acceptable command over Photoshop.

As a next step, you charge to actualize the markup. For this, you charge to accept a acceptable ability of HTML and HTML5 (as of today). You charge to apprentice about the HTML tags, but that’s not all. You aswell charge to apperceive about semantic markup and microdata so that your agreeable is deciphered by seek engines in the aforementioned ambience as you wish to present.

Once the markup is ready, you will charge to dive into the architecture phase. For designing, you charge to be able-bodied able with CSS. Some basal ability of jQuery and JavaScript is a plus.

Having a fair ability of HTML and CSS doesn’t suffice. For creating a affair in WordPress, you charge to be a adept at PHP and WordPress.

You charge to accept a complete ability of:

How WordPress works?

What are activity hooks and clarify in WordPress?

What are the arrangement tags?

Template bureaucracy and codicillary tags

How to actualize a affair in WordPress?

What is functions.php and what is style.css?

WordPress is itself coded in PHP, so to use WordPress you charge to be accomplished with PHP.

For a simple PSD to WordPress conversion, you charge to apprentice all this.

Wait, that’s not all!

You aswell charge to chase coding best practices, so that your cipher goes through W3C validation and works beyond browsers.

You charge to accept a fair abstraction about on-page SEO, so that your website starts baronial in seek engines.

You charge to accept a fair abstraction about user experience, website achievement and caching.

You charge to apperceive a hell lot of things.

Are you still absorbed in converting that admirable PSD architecture into WordPress all by yourself?

Even if you say a ‘Yes’, you are not the appropriate being for the job. You charge to appoint an accomplished WordPress / Genesis coder for implementing the architecture in WordPress.

Just like you charge a doctor for medical casework and a abecedary for apprenticeship services, you charge a able Genesis coder / WordPress developer for PSD to WordPress about-face services. The WordPress developer is a adept at it and absolutely the appropriate being for the job.

A WordPress developer is able-bodied able with aggregate that is appropriate for converting a architecture to WordPress. He knows the nitty-gritties of alive with WordPress and will consistently accommodate you concealed benefits, over and aloft abject accomplishing of the design. That is why you charge a developer.

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The Meaning Behind the Main Color Options For Websites

I’m a able accepter in advancing website agreeable afore initiating clear architecture and this applies to both websites and blogs. Some will altercate with me, but I’ll activity this activity and dig in because I apperceive agreeable afore website architecture is the appropriate approach.

I believe:

Strong website architecture extends accomplished colors, fonts, and blueprint boxes.

Strong architecture focuses on the user.

Website architecture should be crafted about the user, their needs, and the adapted aftereffect of a website visit. It should be focused on the user’s challenges and the website’s adeptness to breach these issues.

It should not be focused on coding trends and prepackaged templates.

Design Trends Come and Go, But a Focus on the User Should Not

I’ll accept emails from humans discussing their website architecture requirements and abounding times these lists will be absorption on specific activity belief like absolute scroll, hamburger menus, hero images, video backgrounds, and motion.

Rarely do humans access a architecture close and present abstracts based on their visitors, the user’s needs, and the ultimate goals of a website visit.

Website owners get bent up in architecture trends, their competitors’ websites, and what they accept is avant-garde and accepted architecture elements. In accomplishing so, they lose clue of the absolute website visitor.

All too generally humans baddest a website arrangement or blog affair and get bent up in the graphical presentation or accretion and whistles it offers. It’s an affecting buy that supersedes the admiration to advice the absolute website visitors.

Once they buy the banal theme, they force their agreeable to fit aural the template’s accessible agreeable blocks. Or worse yet, they force a custom architecture to attach to the aforementioned appearance and presentation of a top competitor’s website.

In a lot of cases this leads to disappointment and buyer’s remorse.

The acumen this occurs is this activity follows the aisle of purchase, design, development, and assuredly content. That aisle is in the amiss order. The activity is traveling backwards and it leads to frustration.

Content Aboriginal Leads to Educated Architecture Decisions

Documenting your adapted user flow, aggregation paths, and alarm to accomplishments is something that is about done afterwards the clear architecture is completed. Unfortunately that’s the amiss access because it armament you into analogous agreeable to the website affair or design. It should be just the opposite.

Before you acquisition yourself falling in adulation with a adversary website, appetent a banal WordPress template, or extensive out to a clear designer, you charge anticipate through the goals and objectives of your website or blog.

You charge to certificate your user personas, their alone challenges, your band-aid offering, and the paths you’d like these visitors to yield aural the website.

While clear architecture in actual important, it accept to yield abode at the appropriate time aural the activity to absolutely acquiesce you to showcases the website, content, and alms in the best ablaze possible.

One of my admired quotes on this accountable is:

“Content precedes design. Architecture in the absence of agreeable is not design, it’s decoration.” – Jeffrey Zeldman

Messaging and agreeable are the architecture blocks and foundation of the website. This agency they should be anxiously anticipation through and accurate able-bodied afore any colors, fonts, and layouts are considered.

The architecture elements should complement, highlight, and advertise the key messaging and a lot of important content.

Focus on the Appropriate Content

While I am adage you should accept agreeable accounting afore alpha design, I’m not adage that you accept to accept all your agreeable written. That would be a difficult assignment to achieve for a lot of website owners and businesses.

I animate audience to focus on amount website sections and pages. During the sales activity I usually go through their website and attending for areas I anticipate would account from custom architecture templates. These will alter based on the client, industry, and ambition demographic.

Here are some accepted areas that can account a lot of from a agreeable aboriginal strategy:

  • Home
  • Main about or aggregation page
  • Main casework page and alone account pages
  • Main storefront and alone artefact pages
  • Ability section, categories, and/or ability items
  • Personas
  • Landing page templates
  • Main blog page and alone blog posts
  • Contact page
  • Sometimes I’ll advance just a few custom architecture templates and added times I’ll advance fifteen to twenty. It absolutely depends on the complication of the agreeable and the variations in the agreeable breeze and alarm to actions.

As we advance into a activity with a client, we like to accept as abundant advice as accessible on amount elements and how these ability be adapted based on altered areas of the website.

Content elements that amount in a agreeable afore website architecture approach:

  • Headlines and subheaders
  • Amount messaging
  • Paragraph text
  • User personas and aggregation paths
  • Alarm to actions
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Navigation
  • Social media accounts
  • Search engine optimization
  • The added your clear artist knows and has available, the added different and targeted your architecture will become.

Finding Balance

Not all situations will acquiesce a agreeable afore website architecture approach. You accept to acquisition antithesis and you accept to aces and chose your battles.

If this access is traveling to be difficult, I advance starting with accepted elements such as navigation, SEO, and alarm to actions. Again activate attenuated down the focus by reviewing user personas and their visitors paths.

Focus on accepted elements and braid these into architecture by starting with the home page and again acquiesce the architecture to body from his axial hub. While affective through this process, breach focused on the visitor, what they need, and what activity you ultimately wish them to take.

The activity can assume overwhelming, but like annihilation in life, you charge to breach it into chunks and appraise the ample account bit by bit.

– education wordpress theme